Collection: The ONE Collection

Stop using harsh soap made with chemicals brainwashing you into thinking they get you clean and make your skin feel good! The One soap bar collection was made  primarily with one thing in mind, " Real results for my customers!" These soap bars may appear simplistic in design but are anything but. They are all organic and handcrafted with the best essential oils nature can offer. Always ethically sourced, vegan, and made with the purest ingredients. Crushsoaps remains committed to be a "NO PALM OIL" company. We support having diversity on earth and protecting our rainforests! 

Enjoy the luscious base notes of organic coconut oil, sunflower oil, & Olive oil. This pairing provides a rich luxury lather perfect to use as a face & body soap. Silky glide for the best shave. These soaps are truly one of a kind that your skin will crave over and over again!