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Red Grapefruit Soap

Red Grapefruit Soap

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Tropical:  Red Grapefruit Essential Oil has a sweet, citrus, uplifting, and tropical aroma. 

Aroma Strength:  Medium 

Family:  Organic Citrus Essential Oil

Soap Bar Weight:  5.0 to 5.5 ounces. Handcrafted & Hand-Cut with Artisan Tops so soap weight very slightly.

Love Notes: 

My soaps are cold processed assuring you get the most benefit Mother Nature can provide. They have been cured 4 to 6 weeks to allow the soap to harden naturally. Here is a secret: to assure you get the maximum usage, keep soap dry between uses. I also sell Organic Soap Pockets that acts both as a soap bar saver and body washer. You can also cut soap in half and only use what you need. 

You can use for Face, Body and Shaving.

This is for 1 soap bar.

If allergic reaction occurs discontinue use. For External use Only

Ingredients: Coconut Oil, Sunflower Oil, Distilled Water, Olive Oil, Lye, Red Grapefruit Essential Oil, Epsom Salt, Mica, Eco-Glitter 

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