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Bliss Face & Body Lotion

Bliss Face & Body Lotion

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Indulge in the alluring experience of Bliss Face & Body Lotion, offering a citrus paradise full of glowing skin and unforgettable freshness. Enriched with Vitamin C, this luxurious lotion helps reduce inflammation, minimize scaring and bring out the brilliance of your skin with its tightening and brightening properties. Feel the youthful power of bliss today.

This lotion contains pure citrus essential oils which can react badly with too much Sun exposer!

For external use only! If allergic reaction occurs rinse off and discontinue use!

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Ingredients: Aloe Juice, Distilled Water, Sunflower Oil, Avocado Oil, Grape Seed Oil, Emulsifying Wax, Blood Orange Essential Oil, Lemon Essential Oil, Kaffir Lime Essential Oil, Xanthan Gum, Optiphen, Mica

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