Collection: CRUSH Merch

Hello Crushes, my name is CRUSH! I am a blushing flamingo! I am tickled pink you flew in for a visit! My story begins with a turbulent rebranding competition on April Fools Day in 2023. That’s when I caught wind of a flamboyant soap maker Ricky Lyle/ President of CRUSHsoaps looking for a star mascot for his brand. The competition was fierce! There was a Hippopotamus, Elephant, and Dragon all pining for his attention but these heavy weights did not feel like the right fit. He wanted a creature that was more like his own nature. Uplifting, Bold, Fun, Friendly, Lighthearted, Eye Catching , but Humble. So, I cleaned my plumage immediately started squawking to my agent to leave my lake in Africa for a migration to “the city beautiful” Orlando, Florida. When I breezed into there soap studio Ricky Lyle & I were suddenly floating gracefully in the clouds! What can I say…. Birds of a feather flock together! Much thanks to all of you for plucking me out of the crowd. Today you might find some of my merchandise nesting in your bathrooms or beach towels! This birds career is reaching to heights and very happy that you joined the flock!